4 tips to give first aid during asthma attacks

Asthma is a critical health condition that needs close monitoring. A simple asthma attack can often become very serious and put a person in danger. A person can have asthma attack anywhere. Pollution, changing weather, stress, etc. can lead to the attack. Here are some first aid steps you can take to reduce the risks of your asthma attack.

Stay calm


You need to stay calm when you see a sign on an asthma attack. You must be positive, focused and have control over your body. If you panic, the situation will be worse.

Get a paper bag or something similar


You should get a paper bag immediately. Don’t use a plastic bag as you might get suffocated. You should place the bag in the patient’s mouth and ask him or her to breathe. When there is an asthma attack, the patients inhale quickly and so lose carbon dioxide. It can lead to alkalosis, that is, acid-base imbalance. When the person breathes inside a paper bag, it helps to recycle the carbon dioxide that is exhaled.

Get the patient in a proper position


The best position is a sitting position slightly leaning forward. It will give the lungs of the patient more room for expansion and so he or she will be able to breathe in more air.

Get medication


Patients having asthma takes medications or inhalers. They usually carry these with them all the time. You may need to help them find it. If it’s not available, get it from the pharmacy as soon as possible.

These steps can help asthma patients to recover quickly and even save their lives. If you have someone in your family with asthma, you should remember these steps so that you can be of help.